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Sabda Rasulullah s.a.w: " Sesungguhnya Allah S.W.T. tidak memandang pada rupa paras dan hartamu, melainkan yang dipandang-Nya ialah hati dan amal perbuatanmu." (Hadis riwayat Muslim dan Ibnu Majah).

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10 March 2014

Our Generation

Our Generation

Our generation will be known for nothing .
Never will anybody say,
We were the peak of mankind .
That is wrong, the truth is
Our generation was a failure .
Thinking that
We actually succeeded
Is a waste . And we know
Living only for money and power
Is the way to go .
Being loving, respectful, and kind
Is a dumb thing to do .
Forgetting about that time,
Will not be easy, but we will try .
Changing our world for the better
Is something we never did .
Giving up
Was how we handled our problems.
Working hard
Was a joke .
We knew that
People thought we couldn’t come back
That might be true,
Unless we turn things around .

This will tell you everything .
Read from bottom to top now .

clever .

Yours faithfully,

yang baik itu dari Allah jua .

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